Job Placement
Job Placement supplies the necessary assistance or training for the consumer to conduct the job search and/or be placed in competitive employment. There are no minimum or maximum hours for this assistance, training, or support. Services include: Job Leads, Job Search, Resume Development, Job Application Training, Interviewing Skills Training and Job Seeking Skills Training.

Job Coaching
Job Coaching  provides on-site job training for consumers needing assistance in adjusting to employment.
Services include: instruction in learning the skills necessary to perform a job competently, work side-by-side with a newly placed consumer at a job site, analyze the job, and break into manageable components, identify and solve problems before they become crises for the consumer, employer, or co-worker, teach effective job keeping skills to the consumer and use the least intrusive methods possible on the job.

Supported Employment
Supported Employment provides services that lead to placement in competitive employment in the community.
Services include: supports to maintain employment, representation to potential employers, individualized assistance in finding an appropriate job match, and ongoing accommodation or support while employed.

Vocational Adjustment Training
Vocational Adjustment Training (VAT) is designed to increase an individual's interpersonal skills related to basic worker traits and attitudes necessary to participate in job search activities. Topics covered: Behavior, Daily Living Skills, Communication Skills, Grooming, Conflict Resolution, Time Management, Money Management, Transportation, Problem Solving, Goal Setting, Work Ethics, and Disability Awareness.

Work Experience Program
Incoporates Job Readiness Training and Work Experience Placement.  The basic structure of the program is comprised of a modular, hands-on, engaging curriculum and quality work-based learning to assist students and young adults in achieving quality vocational outcomes.  Work Experience offer participants with experience in a "real-world" work enviornment involving industries that are consistent with the participants' strengths, abilities, interests, and informed choice.  Participants will be placed at businesses or agencies in the community to complete short-term work commitments.

Career Exploration Program
Three-week program focused on vocational adjustment training with field vocational and career exploration for transitioning students and recent graduates.

"Job Adventures was fun and I learned alot. I liked the Career Scavenger Hunt the most! It gave me more confidence to talk to an employer about a job!"  -Chris
"My son has really flourished and is ready to find his dream job! The Job Adventures Trainers were very helpful and patient."