About Us
Our Mission
Our Vision
Job Adventures provides the highest quality services to individuals with special needs and, in so doing, creates an environment that attracts and retains employees, clients, and supporters committed to our mission.  We achieve our vision through the power of our people, effective leadership, and commitment to innovation.  Working together we create a challenging and rewarding environment, energized by the knowledge that our efforts make a positive difference in the community.

Our Values
We strive to:
•Respect and honor the individual needs and choices of people we serve.
•Support individuals with special needs to build stronger communities in which people with special needs are integrated and valued.
•Provide exceptional customer service in order to meet or exceed the expectations of both our internal and external customers.
•Provide new and enhanced programs through innovative solutions, valued local partnerships and accountability to those we serve.

Our Strategic Goals
•To achieve preferred provider status in our core lines of business.
•To align our organization to efficiently and effectively support our mission, our growth, and our core lines of business.
•To attract, develop, and retain employees to support our mission, vision, and objectives.

Job Adventures is dedicated to enriching  the lives of those with special needs by helping them obtain and maintain community employment to integrate and flourish in society.
Olivia Sturgess, Founder