Project Explore
In Action
Our 60 hour program is designed to promote career self- discovery within transitioning high school students as they begin their journey into the workplace; this is accomplished through our customized vocational adjustment training, exposing students to a variety of employment pathways of their interests, and partnership with local employers in the community.  The professionals the students meet will not only offer future networking potential and industry insight, but opportunities for job shadowing, career mentoring, on-the-job training, and employment.

Day 1: The Adventure Begins
• Program overview
• Self-knowledge
• Identify skills and abilities
• Express desires and talents

Day 2: My Career Journey
• Discover job characteristics
• Review career clusters
• Discuss employer standards
• Skills for career success
• Career Exploration preparation

Day 3: Career Exploration
• Site visit in job interest area
• Observe job duties and positions
• Question & Answer session

Day 4: Vocational Adjustment Training
Day 5: Career Exploration
Day 6: Vocational Adjustment Training
Day 7: Career Exploration
Day 8: Vocational Adjustment Training
Day 9: Career Exploration
Day 10: Vocational Adjustment Training
Day 11: Career Exploration
Day 12: Career Exploration
Day 13: Career Exploration
Day 14: Career Exploration

Day 15: Defining My Career Pathway
• Career action plan
• Finalize career portfolio and present plan
• Guest speakers

Graduation Ceremony
• Receive certificate of completion